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Why Photo Art?

I create photo art that celebrates the beauty, revels in the wonder and showcases the mystery that I find in the world based on images that I have captured with my camera.  Creating photo art allows me to further explore, elevate and extend those images beyond what the camera records and better reflect what I see in my mind’s eye.

Photo art takes photography to the next level, pushes it further and expands its possibilities to achieve my artistic vision in a way that traditional photography alone cannot.  

The Process

My photo art starts with one or more of my photographs.  Sometimes they are found when perusing my collection of past shots looking for inspiration.  It is always fun revisiting old photos and discovering how to utilize them in a different way.  Other times as I am taking a particular shot I know I am going to use it in a composition, either as a main subject or additional element in a larger piece.

Sometimes I have a clear vision or a general direction for where I want a piece to end up.  Quite often though, the work evolves as elements and textures are added, removed or blended until something totally unexpected is created.  Playing around to see what happens is a large and exciting part of the process!

About Me

I am an avid nature and travel photographer based in Apex, North Carolina.  After a professional corporate career, I am now focusing on more creative endeavors, dedicating a good deal of my time to photography and photo art.  Other activities that I enjoy include woodworking, gardening and both lake and ocean fishing.

Fun Fact:  The symbol in my logo and following my signature is the Hattori family crest, reflective of my Japanese heritage.

To see the basis for my work, please visit my photography website at www.davehattoriphoto.com

Interested in Owning a Piece?

Selected works are available at ArtBoja.com.  

For inquiries on pieces not available on ArtBoja.com, please use the contact form.